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This week in disturbing video: Creepy little boy dances with a transformer

I've seen a lot of weird shit on the Internet, but sitting through this ranks right up there. I'm hoping this isn't regular TV programming in India, but I'd be heartbroken if anyone actually paid for it. So strange. The movie is called Kutty Pisassu and uses CGI (computer generated images) so that a little cowboy can dance with a transforming, resizing truck through a Disney/Universal Studios-ish park. The truck knows how to groove, even playing a drum at one point. More frightening is the kid who gives the camera smiling death stares and even shoots off his guns on a Harry Potter-sized chess board.

WARNING: This video may forever taint your view of other cultures

I will admit, the music will be lodged in my head for a week. Thanks to Nerdcore for the link.

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