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Monsters (a Cloverfield/Mist-ish drama) has an official trailer

Monsters has been building buzz for a while. The setup is pretty simple: aliens landed in Mexico some years ago and about half of the country is now quarantined with big walls while the U.S. and Mexican militaries battle the super-sized creatures. (See chart above.) A photojournalist (Scoot McNairy) has to travel through the infected zone to find a girl. Things don't go as planned. 

What excites me is that the low-budget film (made for about $400,000) has an epic scope that is huge, but is mostly a compact, emotional film about two people. Monsters is directed by Gareth Edwards, who did many of the special effects on his own home computer. Cinematical's Joe Uitichi has some good things to say about the film as well.

Monsters will hit theaters this October.

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